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Packages that use DABridgeProcessor

Uses of DABridgeProcessor in com.programix.da2.bridge

Classes in com.programix.da2.bridge that implement DABridgeProcessor
 class DABridgeNoSecurityNoSessionProcessor
          This DABridgeProcessor does no security checking and does not keep track of any sessions.
 class DABridgeSessionProcessor
          DO NOT USE this class yet.

Methods in com.programix.da2.bridge that return DABridgeProcessor
static DABridgeProcessor DABridgeFactory.createNoSecurityProcessor(DASource daSource)
          Creates a DABridgeProcessor that has NO security and NO sessions (all requests are honored) and uses the specified daSource for completing the processing of the requests.

Constructors in com.programix.da2.bridge with parameters of type DABridgeProcessor
DABridgeProxy(DABridgeProcessor processor)

Uses of DABridgeProcessor in com.programix.da2.bridge.http

Classes in com.programix.da2.bridge.http that implement DABridgeProcessor
 class HttpDABridgeProcessor
          This implementation of DABridgeProcessor that serializes DABridgeRequest's and DABridgeResponse's over a the HTTP (or HTTPS) protocol to a servlet.

Methods in com.programix.da2.bridge.http that return DABridgeProcessor
 DABridgeProcessor DABridgeServlet.getProcessor()

Methods in com.programix.da2.bridge.http with parameters of type DABridgeProcessor
 void DABridgeServlet.setProcessor(DABridgeProcessor processor)

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