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Uses of Interface

Packages that use DASource
com.programix.da2 Framework for using the "DataAccess Interface Design Pattern". 

Uses of DASource in com.programix.da2

Classes in com.programix.da2 that implement DASource
 class AggregateDASource
          Used to combine multiple DASource's into one aggregate DASource.
 class ConfigDASource
          This DASource is used to hold one of more configuration ValueMap's and creates DA implementations on demand from those configurations using DAFactory internally.
 class DASourceAdapter
          Used to adapt a single GenericDA into being available as a DASource.
 class DAStore
          An implementation of DASource that caches the GenericDA implementations that it retrieves from the underlying DASource that is passed during construction.

Methods in com.programix.da2 that return DASource
 DASource DAExchange.createDASourceView()
          Creates a lightweight view of the DAExchange as a DASource.

Methods in com.programix.da2 with parameters of type DASource
 void AggregateDASource.appendSource(DASource daSource)

Constructors in com.programix.da2 with parameters of type DASource
DAStore(DASource source)

Uses of DASource in com.programix.da2.bridge

Classes in com.programix.da2.bridge that implement DASource
 class DABridgeProxy
          This part of the Data Access Bridge system is a DASource that converts requests to be sent to the DABridgeProcessor supplied at construction.

Methods in com.programix.da2.bridge that return DASource
static DASource DABridgeFactory.createHttpBridgeDASource(String url)

Methods in com.programix.da2.bridge with parameters of type DASource
static DABridgeProcessor DABridgeFactory.createNoSecurityProcessor(DASource daSource)
          Creates a DABridgeProcessor that has NO security and NO sessions (all requests are honored) and uses the specified daSource for completing the processing of the requests.

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