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Packages that use Waiter
com.programix.thread Java multithreading related utilities. 

Uses of Waiter in com.programix.thread

Methods in com.programix.thread that return Waiter
 Waiter Waiter.Condition.getOwner()
          Returns the Waiter that owns this condition.
 Waiter BooleanState.getWaiter()
 Waiter Counter.getWaiter()

Constructors in com.programix.thread with parameters of type Waiter
BooleanState(boolean initialState, Waiter waiter)
          Creates an instance that is initially set to the state of initialState and synchronizes on the lock used by the specified waiter.
Counter(int initialCount, Waiter waiter)
          Creates a counter that starts off with the specified initialCount.
InitializationMonitor(Waiter waiter)
          Creates a monitor that starts off in the "in progress" state.

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