InterruptApplet - Demo of interrupt() in applets

Some browsers built-in Java VM's do not properly notice when a thread is interrupted (using the interrupt() method of Thread. This applet tests for and demonstrates that behavior. As of Netscape 4.7, the interrupt() method has still not been properly implemented. However, Internet Explorer 5 does implement interrupt() correctly. You can press the different buttons below to check out your browser's implementation.
Start up the clock thread by pressing the "Start Clock Thread" button. To check if your broswer's VM implements interrupt() correctly, press the "Interrupt Clock Thread" button. If this successfully stops the clock's internal thread by triggering an InterruptedException, the clock time is replaced with the message "STOPPED - by InterruptedException". If your browser does not implement interrupt() correctly, the clock will keep running. You can then try the third button so set a looping flag and interrupt the thread--this should work for everyone.
For more on threads and Java, check out great book Java Thread Programming. See Chapter 5 in particular for an explanation of the interrupt() method.
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