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Class AnchorTableLayout.AnchorTableCellData

  extended by com.programix.gui.layout.AbstractTableLayout.CellData
      extended by com.programix.gui.layout.AnchorTableLayout.AnchorTableCellData
Enclosing class:

protected class AnchorTableLayout.AnchorTableCellData
extends AbstractTableLayout.CellData

Field Summary
protected  AnchorPoint defaultAnchorForAllColumns
Fields inherited from class com.programix.gui.layout.AbstractTableLayout.CellData
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Constructor Summary
protected AnchorTableLayout.AnchorTableCellData(Container pane)
protected AnchorTableLayout.AnchorTableCellData(Container pane, AnchorPoint defaultAnchorForAllColumns)
Method Summary
protected  void calcRowAndColumnCounts()
protected  void calcRowHeightsAndColumnWidths()
protected  AnchorPoint getDefaultAnchor(int colIdx)
          Overridden in subclasses that want to specify a default anchor to use for a column when a single default anchor for all columns won't work.
protected  void layoutComponents()
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Field Detail


protected final AnchorPoint defaultAnchorForAllColumns
Constructor Detail


protected AnchorTableLayout.AnchorTableCellData(Container pane,
                                                AnchorPoint defaultAnchorForAllColumns)


protected AnchorTableLayout.AnchorTableCellData(Container pane)
Method Detail


protected void calcRowAndColumnCounts()
Specified by:
calcRowAndColumnCounts in class AbstractTableLayout.CellData


protected void calcRowHeightsAndColumnWidths()
Specified by:
calcRowHeightsAndColumnWidths in class AbstractTableLayout.CellData


protected void layoutComponents()
Specified by:
layoutComponents in class AbstractTableLayout.CellData


protected AnchorPoint getDefaultAnchor(int colIdx)
Overridden in subclasses that want to specify a default anchor to use for a column when a single default anchor for all columns won't work. During construction, a default anchor to use for all columns may be specified (this is the value returned from this method if it is not overridden). If the overridden version of this method returns null this is the same as returning AnchorPoint.CENTER. If the same default anchor should be used for all columns, there is no need to override this method—just specify that all-column default during construction.

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