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Packages that use ColumnCoordinator
com.programix.gui.layout Handy layout managers for Swing and AWT containers. 

Uses of ColumnCoordinator in com.programix.gui.layout

Fields in com.programix.gui.layout declared as ColumnCoordinator
protected  ColumnCoordinator AbstractTableLayout.columnCoordinator
          If non-null, then this coordinates the widths of some or all columns across containers--even those with different layout managers.

Methods in com.programix.gui.layout that return ColumnCoordinator
protected  ColumnCoordinator AbstractTableLayout.getColumnCoordinator()
          Returns the currently assigned ColumnCoordinator or null none has been assigned.

Methods in com.programix.gui.layout with parameters of type ColumnCoordinator
protected  void AbstractTableLayout.setColumnCoordinator(ColumnCoordinator newCoordinator)
          Changes the currently assigned ColumnCoordinator.

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