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Uses of Interface

Packages that use LookAndFeelChanger.View
com.programix.gui.plaf Tools for using Swing's pluggable look and feel. 

Uses of LookAndFeelChanger.View in com.programix.gui.plaf

Classes in com.programix.gui.plaf that implement LookAndFeelChanger.View
static class LookAndFeelChanger.LookAndFeelView
 class LookAndFeelChanger.MetalView
          An implementation of LookAndFeelChanger.View that is useful for times when all that needs to change is the MetalTheme of the MetalLookAndFeel.

Methods in com.programix.gui.plaf that return LookAndFeelChanger.View
 LookAndFeelChanger.View LookAndFeelChanger.getSystemView()
          Gets the LookAndFeelChanger.View for the default system look and feel.

ProgramixGenericLib v5.0.1

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