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Packages that use TagHandler
com.programix.saxplus SAXPlus tools to simplify SAX-based XML parsing. 

Uses of TagHandler in com.programix.saxplus

Classes in com.programix.saxplus that implement TagHandler
 class BaseTagHandler
          Implements all methods of TagHandler and can serve as a class to extend for your TagHandler's.
 class SimpleTagHandler
          Used to gather a single value from a tag--a very common case.

Methods in com.programix.saxplus that return TagHandler
protected  TagHandler BaseTagHandler.getSubTagHandler(NameDetail tagName)
          Pulls of the plain name (using NameDetail.getName()) and calls BaseTagHandler.getSubTagHandler(String).
protected  TagHandler BaseTagHandler.getSubTagHandler(String tagName)
          Returns the handler for the specified tag, or null if no handler is found for the name.
 TagHandler BaseTagHandler.startSubTag(NameDetail subTagName)
          This implementation returns whatever BaseTagHandler.getSubTagHandler(NameDetail) finds for the specified sub tag.
 TagHandler TagHandler.startSubTag(NameDetail subTagName)
          Returns the handler for the sub tag.

Methods in com.programix.saxplus with parameters of type TagHandler
protected  void BaseTagHandler.setSubTagHandler(NameDetail tagName, TagHandler handler)
          Pulls of the plain name (using NameDetail.getName()) and calls BaseTagHandler.setSubTagHandler(String, TagHandler).
protected  void BaseTagHandler.setSubTagHandler(String tagName, TagHandler handler)

Constructors in com.programix.saxplus with parameters of type TagHandler
SAXPlusProcessor(TagHandler rootHandler)
          Builds an instance that will use rootHandler at the initial TagHandler.

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