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Uses of Interface

Packages that use ThreadSafe
com.programix.thread Java multithreading related utilities. 
com.programix.thread.ix Java multithreading related utilities that use the standard java.lang.InterruptedException (which is a "must-catch" aka "checked" exception). 
com.programix.value The Value framework for encapsulating "values" generically in a way that they can be coerced into other types. 

Uses of ThreadSafe in com.programix.thread

Classes in com.programix.thread that implement ThreadSafe
 class BooleanState
          This class serves as a thread-safe tracker of a boolean state.
 class Counter
          This class serves as a thread-safe integer counter.
 class InitializationMonitor
          This class serves as a thread-safe way to monitor the initialization of a component in a system.
 class LineLogger
          Logs messages a line at a time prefixing each line with the elapsed time since the first message was sent and the name of the thread that sent the message.
 class Waiter
          Utility to assist in waiting for certain conditions to be met with and without timeouts.

Uses of ThreadSafe in com.programix.thread.ix

Classes in com.programix.thread.ix that implement ThreadSafe
 class WaiterIx
          This class uses java.lang.InterruptedException (checked exception) instead of the InterruptException (unchecked "runtime" exception).

Uses of ThreadSafe in com.programix.value

Classes in com.programix.value that implement ThreadSafe
 class ValueMap
          Maps String keys to Value values with an iteration order matching the insertion order.

ProgramixGenericLib v5.0.1

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