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Packages that use DateTimeField
com.programix.time Various containers and tools for dealing with dates and times (including parsing and formatting). 

Uses of DateTimeField in com.programix.time

Fields in com.programix.time declared as DateTimeField
static DateTimeField DateTimeField.DAY
          The day [date] of the month.
static DateTimeField DateTimeField.HOUR
          The hour of the day in 24-hour format.
static DateTimeField DateTimeField.MILLISECOND
          The millisecond of the second.
static DateTimeField DateTimeField.MINUTE
          The minute of the hour.
static DateTimeField DateTimeField.MONTH
          The month of the year.
static DateTimeField DateTimeField.SECOND
          The second of the minute.
static DateTimeField DateTimeField.YEAR
          The 4-digit year.

Methods in com.programix.time that return DateTimeField
static DateTimeField[] DateTimeField.getValues()
          Returns an array of all the legal values.

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