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Packages that use ReflectTools.ReflectException
com.programix.util Assorted utilities including StringTools, ObjectTools, TriState, and more. 

Uses of ReflectTools.ReflectException in com.programix.util

Methods in com.programix.util that throw ReflectTools.ReflectException
static void ReflectTools.checkType(Object obj, Class<?> targetType)
          Checks type of obj and throws an exception if it is not the specified type or if the reference is null.
static void ReflectTools.checkType(Object obj, Class<?> targetType, boolean allowNull)
          Checks to see if the object pointed to by obj is an instance of the specified target type.
<T> T
ReflectTools.construct(String className, Class<T> targetType)
          Used to lookup and instantiate the specified class using the class's zero-argument constuctor and to validate that it can be typecast into the target type.

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